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Thank you my wonderful patients for your feedback.

Hearing your stories may help others thinking of starting down the path we took together.

If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kyle Yoder
Your Santa Rosa Chiropractor

I couldn’t sleep at night. The pain in my knees would wake me up. And I had started to get numbing sensations down my right arm... that really worried me. I saw an ad for Dr. Kyle’s office in the paper and came to see him. He told me he felt my knee was okay, but I had problems in the nerves from the lower back that go down that leg. He worked with me for a few weeks and it was wonderful! My knee no longer hurts! It used to wake me up at night. Now the pain is gone and I can sleep through the night. And I can bend it now to get out of the car. When I came to him it was hard to bend it enough to get into and out of my little car. I also realized that I no longer have the numbing down my arm...that is gone also.

Jenner from Sebastopol
Call me if you need a reference..Dr. K has my number

Well, I owe a lot to Dr. Kyle... I came to him after finding out I had an 8mm. disc herniation (which I guess is huge). It was pressing on the nerve that goes down my leg. My right leg was weakening and collapsing when I tried to go down stairs. It actually was losing muscle and becoming smaller. I had tried another Chiropractor but it did not work. I was scheduled for surgery when a friend recommended that I go see Dr. (Kyle) Yoder. He worked with me daily for two weeks. And I started to heal. I kept coming regularly for about 3 months. My insurance company had a fit that I was seeing a Chiropractor instead of going through with the scheduled low back surgery. But, they backed off really fast when I told them I was already much improved. Within a few months I was back to playing tennis. I am pain free and did not have to risk a spinal surgery. Thank you. Feel free to publish this.

Naomi W.

I came to see Kyle as a last resort. It was on the advice of a friend. I told him my story. I have had a headache for twenty years. Not continuous headache for years. His first questions were to make sure that I had had testing done to rule out tumors or other problems that could be causing this. I assured him that I had been seen at Stanford for years and the doctors had done CT scans, MRI scans and all the tests had come back negative. He was also concerned that I was taking continuous medication to control the pain levels though it never went away. Dr. Yoder did some corrective work with my neck over the next two months. After two months my headaches were down to 1-2 a month. In another two months my headache was essentially gone. I still see Kyle..but usually for some fall, or other problem. It has been 18 years that I have known him, and my headaches never came back. Now, my daughter sees him for her own problems.

Elizabeth S. - Redwood City

My baby had a foot that was pointed at right angles outward. When I went to my doctor he wanted to put him in a brace that hooked his two shoes together at night forcing the right one to bend back towards the front. He told me the process would take two years. I had seen Dr. Yoder and wanted a second opinion because this seemed like a horrible option to put my baby through. He looked him over and said that he wanted to work with his pelvis instead. He adjusted his little pelvis (it was not hard) and the foot came around with it. He did this three more times over the next two weeks. Even he was amazed at how fast my son’s foot came back to point straight ahead. He told me that babies are very easy to work with but that he was glad we could avoid two years of a brace. Also, he said the brace would have actually twisted the leg and not the pelvis where the problem actually was. Thank God we didn't have to have that brace on him for two years.

Gina K.

Hi doc: Well you know my story. When I came to your office I was experiencing such vertigo that I couldn’t drive. I was essentially housebound. So I lost my job and was living with my mother. Although I had been seen by a number of doctors they could not pinpoint the problem. You adjusted me (my neck). The relief was not instant, but it came fairly quickly over the next couple of treatments. Long story short... I got better, re-started my career, moved away from mom, got married, and have a wonderful baby. I do not know if any of that would have happened had you not found the problem. And that is why now that I moved to Sacramento I still drive to see you a couple of times a year when I feel the slightest bit of that old vertigo. P.S. I did not name by baby after you..but almost.

Nancy K. - Sacramento

Dr. Kyle - Thank you so much for your warmth, laughter, and for helping us through some bad times. Both my boyfriend Eric and I were in pretty bad shape when we came to see you. He is a carpenter who had such bad back pain that it would almost cripple him. I had headaches and low back pain also. You made adjusting us seem so easy. Other doctors couldn’t seem to quite get us to adjust, but you just laughed and said "We’ll see", and went ahead before I knew it you had already adjusted my back and I hardly felt you do it. You have become a friend to both of us. Much luck up in Windsor, we’ll have to drive from Redwood City now to get treatment.


I was nervous about the treatment before I came. My problem was in my low back and in my neck. We took x-rays of my back. I was surprised at my x-rays. I knew my back hurt, but there was some degeneration in there that I did not know about. I am glad because now that I know it is there we are working on it. I just thought the pain was probably muscle strain. But, it didn't make sense because it never went away. Now we have handled the pain and it is gone. I am also keeping a maintenance program going to make sure it never comes back. If you are thinking about this you should come in.


Today it is becoming common practice for medical doctors to refer their patients to Chiropractors for care. In the Bay Area I gave talks to the OB-GYNs in the area. I found that most of them were thankful to have me come to their office to offer assistance with common back complaints of their pregnant patients. They were wonderful doctors who simply had not had the training that we Chiropractors received and were relieved to be able to work in tandem with me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call and talk, or to set up an appointment for a consultation. The information you will receive may be invaluable for you in evaluating your problem, and in evaluating possible solutions. I have helped so many people who were told by someone, a friend, colleague, or doctor, that they had degenerative changes in their spine and that there is nothing that can be done. On the contrary, it is important for you to get the appropriate films so that the underlying reasons for the degenerative changes in your spine can be assessed.

Age is only one factor... not even usually the primary factor. I have seen thousands of films, and I have seen so often how one person at the age of say 30 can have an onset of degeneration that another person at 60 does not. A friend of mine who is a dentist really got it. Those who take care of their spine, their back, are like his patients who take care of their teeth.

You cannot lose with the offer I have for a complete evaluation and treatment for $29.00.

New patients are currently being accepted.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Well, I owe a lot to Dr. Kyle... I am pain free and did not have to risk a spinal surgery. Thank you"
    Naomi W.

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